What is an EZ DABR?
and How can you get one for Free?
this is no Joke...
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Ck Worldwide has created an innovative tool called an EZ DABR for helping you learn to feed tig wire and they are giving them away!

And here is the link to the page where you can order your free EZ DABR

Ck Worldwide EZ Dabr

Learning to feed TIG wire is usually the main thing that slows the learning

After teaching hundreds of TIG students, I always found that learning to feed the tig wire was the thing that slowed the learning process the most.

The torch hand comes naturally after years of writing with crayons, pencils, and pens.

But the filler wire hand is usually the non dominant hand.

So learning to feed wire just feels weird at first and takes longer.

I know that some people will say the EZ Dabr is a crutch...that it will dumb down the skill of TIG welding.

But I think what those people fail to realize is that there are many folks out there with injuries, nerve damage, arthritis, or who are just struggling with feeding the tig wire and dont have the time to devote to hours of practice.

For those people, I think this little training tool will be very helpful.

And besides...so what if it is a crutch?...you know whats awesome when you have a broken leg?  you guessed it ... A crutch.

With a bendable spring and feed guide, the ez dabr can be adjusted for left or right hand and can be used on any finger or thumb...making it extremely versatile.

here are just a few of many possibilities.

  • feeding really small diameter tig wire
  • feeding leftover remnants of mig wire
  • learning to feed tig wire

Have you ever filmed yourself feeding tig wire?

I was surprised to learn that I feed wire way differently than what I thought.

if you ever have time, I suggest you set up your phone on a tripod or stand and film your filler wire hand while welding.

you might be very surprised like I was.

when the hood drops, things are different.

One more time....

If you are having trouble learning to feed tig wire...

if you have an injury, arthritis, nerve damage, carpal tunnel, ...

you might find the ez dabr super useful.

you can get your own free  EZ DABR for free from CK WorldWide

just click this link and fill out the form...easy as pie.

What have you got to lose?

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