Fabricating a gate with JD Brewer

My Good friend JD Brewer also has a Youtube channel called "JD Brewer" and you can see it here

JD does a lot of fabrication and welding for Blow Mold factories that make plastic bottles as well as other local industry.

In this video, JD is fabricating a gate using a Flange wizard miter marking tool, a 6" grinder, a Ridgid pipe vise, jack stands, and weld-on hinges. (if youre interested you can learn more about these tools at my weldingtipsandtricks amazon page) and if you buy something, it helps me a bit and doesnt cost you a dime more.

After locking down the tubing in a ridgid tripod chain vise, JD uses the flange wizard marking tool to mark the 45 degree miter cuts.

There are several ways to make these cuts...chop saw, bandsaw, portaband.   But once that first miter is cut, its important to not only have the tubing level, but to make sure it is clocked correctly before the other end is marked and cut.

The flange wizard marking tool is a convenient way to mark angle cuts on all kinds of different shapes like round tubing, wide flange, square tubing etc.

Once he has it marked, JD uses a 6" Metabo grinder with a cutting disc to make the miter cuts. 

If you have ever used a 6" Metabo grinder before, you know why JD relies heavily on this tool for cutting. (Sometimes, its quicker than a plasma cutter or cutting torch when you consider cleanup time and prep for welding.)


Ever heard of fireball tool?

I saw a demonstration of Fireball tool fabrication tools at Fabtech 2017 and I was very impressed by the demo at the Fireball booth.

But seeing JD use them on a real application is even more impressive.

check out fireball tools here

Jason, the founder and brains behind Fireball Tool, is a welder fabricator who puts a lot of thought into his products to make them innovative  and efficient.

Lincoln Powermig 210mp

If you have seen other videos I have done with JD, you already know that he really likes his Lincoln 210mp and he even uses it for Dual shield flux core welding off a generator.

But for this gate project, JD is using .025" (.6 mm) hard wire and c25 (75argon/25 co2) shielding gas.

The wall thickness on the tubing is only around .125" (3.2mm) so the .025" hard wire was a good choice.

I have a Lincoln 210mp also and I used it in at least 18 different youtube videos ( some of them with JD) . Its a nice welder and you can learn more about the 210mp on my Amazon shop page

Weld-on Hinges for Fabricating a Gate

The weld-on hinges seen in this video are super handy and can also be seen on my weldingtipsandtricks Amazon page.

Notice the grease fittings and brass bushings.

When using 2 hinges, its a good idea to line them up with a long straight edge, chalk line, or laser so they swing freely without binding up.

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