Fabtech 2015 Highlights

 Fabtech is North Americas biggest Welding and Fabrication event...

and Fab tech  2015 was awesome!

But it wasn't just getting to see all the latest innovation in welding & fabrication that made it great.

It was the people I met.

There is something special about being around a bunch of like minded people for 3 days.

Video Index

I know you might not be interested in everything I filmed so ..In case you want to skip over certain parts of the video on this page, I went to the trouble of tabbing it so you can.

1:32 oxyfuel safety products, track torches,
3:59 Pipe Fitting tools, laser weld
10:42 weld positioners and tooling for fabrication
11:07 welding machines
19:01 TIP TIG welding
20:13 welding helmets
24:46  random clips


See more welding videos

Its not just the products at Fabtech...its the Folks

learn more about Fabtechexpo here

I met so many great folks at Fab tech  2015. 

Many of them were welding students who were brought there by their instructors...Some had driven quite a distance.

I talked to as many students as I could and tried to give good advice to many of them on the welding career in front of them.

Here is my standard advice for any welding student about to enter the workforce...

"Show up on time, Don't leave early, Don't lie or steal, Work hard and be teachable. Be the kind of person the old timers want to see succeed because otherwise they wont share their years of experience with you."

 Instagram welders at fabtech 2015

Instagram has a great community of welders.

That's the only reason I use it.

And it was pretty crazy meeting all those guys in person.

Lots of conversations went like this...

Hey I'm Peter. 

Peter Who? 

I am @weldninja on instagram.

Oh! thats you?  Oh man...Great to meet you man!..you do some awesome work!

Everyone knew the instagram names, but not the real names.

But that didnt matter at all, as far as I am concerned, we all felt like old friends.

It was like a brotherhood of welders, most of which were meeting for the first time and had no trouble talking shop and feeling as if we had known each other all our lives.

It was nuts ...but in the best possible way.

Fab tech  2016 will be in Vegas and I expect it to be even better because I lot of us will make the effort to meet there again...and I hope to see you there too.

But if you are planning on going, better start planning early.  Those rooms fill up fast.

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