FabTech 2022 Highlight Reel

Fabtech 2022 did not disappoint.

It started off with a preheat party the night before hosted by my friend JD Brewer along with Ck Worldwide.

The preheat meetup was great and I really enjoyed connecting with folks I haven't seen in a few years.

I walked the floor at fabtech for 3 solid days and filmed as much as I could in between meeting folks.

I hope this video gives you a glimpse of what it is like to be at Fabtech..and hope to see you in Chicago for Fabtech 2023. ( just google fabtech 2023 for info on dates etc)

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I missed the last 2 Fabtech expos... both 2021, and 2020

But I have attended about 25 or so of the last 32…Even back before it was called Fabtech…when it was simply called the AWS expo.

Fabtech is very different now than it was before social media came along.

It used to be that all the after hours dinners and meetups were pretty exclusive.

Private meetings between potential buyers and sellers arranged behind the scenes. 

Not anymore. Fabtech is much more than a welding and fabrication trade show now.

Sure, the exhibits are cool and there is a lot to see and learn but the best part for me these days is connecting with people.

Now, there are usually several meetups open to anybody who is engaged at all in the welding community.

That’s why I recommend you get on instagram. If you haven’t already.

Instagram is the main spot to keep up with Fabtech events….

But instagram is also a way to participate in the welding community at large.

Even though there are plenty of negatives on social media … 

One positive thing about Instagram is that it allows like minded people like welders and fabricators to get together.

We don’t have to wait to be invited to a dinner by a big company in order to network with like minded folks at Fabtech.

hope to see you in Chicago in 2023 

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