by Steve

I really need help with passing A 3 Position FCAW (2,3,&4G(With Backin STrap) 1/2" Steel Plate (Angle ?) OverHead would really be my downfall, tried to take this test a few months ago and Totally Blew It, I learned alot from it, since it was the first test I had ever taken for Certs, and I was nervous as hell. I realize it is comfort that matters most and I was not so I tried to guess instead of visually lookin at puddle(Didnt even get the root in).

I watch and repeat watchin your site and have asked about this before. Not given up, and not given up on getting the message to you. I really need this for the BOLIERMAKERS and I cant find any work else where. No Field EXP, just 6 months of school and welding on my own. We didnt touch on FCAW but a simple fillet, not good enough....




I wish I had all the stuff on hand to do a video using fcaw on 1/2" beveled plate but I dont.

I have got a lot on my plate as I know we all do...so I am not promising anything.

I can try to put up a page showing how to get comfortable for overhead 4g tests and some tips for seeing the puddle using some 3/8 plates with backing...thats about as close as I can come right now.



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