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filler metal troubles

Hi. I am new to tig welding and trying to learn it on my own. I can get a puddle started and run it just fine. But, when it comes to adding filler, I just dont get it. Most of the time, the filler melts before I can get it to the puddle and just balls up. When I am able to get it there, it turns the puddle black and creates a dirty looking layer on top. What might I be doing wrong?


2 things always to think about when you are new to tig are arc length and torch angle.

too much of either or both will cause the heated plume around the puddle to be much bigger than needed and will ball the filler metal before you get it to the puddle.

tighten up the arc first and seen if things go better.

the arc length ( tip of electrode to the puddle) should only be about the same as the diameter of your electrode.

also, only use about a 10 -15 degree torch angle.

of course, using too small a filler rod can be a problem also. your filler rod should be pretty close to the electrode size...usually.

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