Is there a Wrong Filler Rod Angle?

How important is filler rod angle?

I am talking about the angle you feed the filler rod into the puddle?

Text books and online resources seem to recommend that a 90 degree angle of filler wire in relation to electrode angle is the proper angle.

Who says so ?

I say that there are so many different scenarios involved with tig welding that there is no single proper filler rod angle.

Jazzy 10 ceramic cup

One of my new favorite cups is the Furick Jazzy 10 ceramic.

If you have a 17, 18, 26 style torch, all you need is an adapter kit  and a jazzy 10 ceramic cup   to turn your big torch into a much smaller torch that gets great gas shielding at only 20cfh.

For 9 and 20 style torches, all you need to make the jazzy 10 work is a 45v44 gas lens. thats a 3/32" gas lens and you might already have one.

8 pro cup ( clear cup)

The furick 8 pro is a great all around cup for steels as well as aluminum.

It really lights things up and helps me see better.

Both the Jazzy 10 and Furick #8 pro clear cup are available at

The angle that the filler rod is fed into the puddle definitely has an affect but fortunately, almost all angles can work.

We all know there are situations where weird angles must be used because something is in the way.

And there is also build up work on worn parts down inside cylinders, tool and die and injection mold work where welding must be done in tight crevices...and a many more situations where filler rod angle is all over the place.

Just to demonstrate this, I ran a few beads on plate using the so called proper angle and then I added a few 1 inch wide strips of 1/8" steel to demonstrate the difference a small obstacle can make in the way you feed wire into the puddle.

Welding beads on plate is one of the first thing you do when learning to tig weld and maintaining a 90 degree filler rod angle is pretty natural and easy.

But the first time you weld toward an inside corner, proper angle goes right out the window.

Even a one inch wide piece of metal added to plate greatly increases the difficulty.

My point here is that there is no proper angle to feed filler wire.

There are only Results.

And getting results are the thing that really matters.

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