First Aluminum Project

by Walt Colvin
(Dayton, OH)

Hey Jody,

Thanks for all the help! The timing in finding your website was perfect. I was having all kinds of problems getting things to work right then I found your site. Your videos are right on and the problem solving set me straight! Now, only more experience is needed.

I'm building a flight of stairs (16' plus a landing) for lake access in Tennessee. I'm using 6061 2x1x1/8" channel and 1/8" diamond plate with 4043 filler. I have a Lincoln Tig Squarewave 175 w/ argon. So far so good! The second 8' and landing will be better, faster and easier thanks to you!

P.S. One problem though. I'm having a hard time explaining why I have to dominate the laptop so much to watch more videos!

Thanks, Walt


good luck with your project and thanks for taking time to post this,


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