Fish cooker from rebar

by Brian
(North Central Florida)

Not for deep-frying turkeys, but for boiling greasy parts in soapy water. Strong enough to stand on and wiggle around. A bit springy when standing on it, if I were to put a turkey-sized pot on it I would bury the feet a foot. Boils 5 quarts of water in 13 minutes. Rebar and burner are trashpicks. Burner was originally from a wall-mounted natural gas single room heater. So far these compressed air quick-disconnect fittings haven't leaked at all. Tripod legs come off of top, burner stand comes off of legs.

This time I learned, weld nuts while a bolt is in them, so they don't distort and get stiff to turn. Mask non-welding areas with oil to reduce splatter adhesion. Fixturing to weld this was an impressive collection of corner magnets, clamps, and bed rail on a 1/4" steel cart top. Think Chemistry lab. It was done with 3/32" 6013 and a non-auto helmet under a lot of floodlighting from a home made fume hood. For the small rebar connections, I learned to get the rod struck and hot on a junk piece first so I could make a cleaner strike on the real part a couple seconds later.

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