Flame sharpening tungsten.

by Pete
(Cleveland Ohio)

Ever had to sharpen your tungsten in the field only to realize you dont have a bench grinder nearby? You can fool with using your angle grinder, but its a good way to injure yourself or snap your tungsten. If you have your buddy/fitter nearby with a cutting torch, light up the torch and set it like you would to cut. Have your buddy hold it pointing downward. Take you a pair of welpers or needlenose and hold the blunt end of the tungsten. Have your buddy press and hold the oxygen jet lever full on. Then hold the tungsten under the flame at angle that would allow the flame to sharpen it into the nice point you need and rotate it like you would on a grinder using the pliers to keep from lighting your fingers up. The end result is a smoother arc and the tungsten is clean as can be. Thats how the big dogs do it.

Happy welding!
Boilermakers local 744


I had someone show me this one back in 1978.
I thought he was full of crap until i tried it.

One tip or caution though...if you light up first on a piece of scrap before welding a code weld, all that oxygen will have a chance to escape.

good tip Pete, keep them coming...


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