flux core settings

by jimm greenway
(charleston sc)

I am in school welding with a miller 304 series, and my question is where can I find a welding calculator that will tell me what my wire speed and volts should be set on. I have tried a couple of welding supply companys, but they did not have one.


heres one online... copy and paste this link in your browser...


look on the left side of the page and you will see slide rule type calculators for sale.

note,, sometimes wire feed is listed in ipm or inches per minute.
that does not always correlate with the machine settings. so you can figure out ipm by pulling gun trigger and counting to six seconds . measure the wire that came out, round off, and add a zero.
thats your ipm

example....you count to six seconds and get 33 1/2 inches of wire. round up to 34 and add a zero. = 340 ipm

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