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Fume hood from clothes dryer

by Brian
(North Central Florida)

Fume extraction does not necessarily require filtering. If
you were going to release smoke into your local environment
anyway, vent it outside the building. Dilution is the
Solution to Pollution.

Here is a fume hood made from the blower and drum of a
trashpicked electric clothes dryer. You can tell the fume
hood is working if you can light a piece of paper on your
welding table, and not smell the smoke. Exhaust pipe is
non-perforated plastic landscape drain pipe. End of pipe
goes through open door and hangs from hook outside of door.
Haven't had a problem with the pipe getting too hot.
Clothes dryer and metal milk crate are trashpicks. Track
light fixtures are flea market. Crate has additions welded
to it for mounting the fan and the hood. Rectangles cut
from bedrail are welded into spaces in the crate to provide
a place to put a bolt hole, and nuts are welded to the
bottom edge of the crate to attach the hood. Cylinder in
center with flange fabricated with instructions from Gingery
sheet metal book, which basically says to hammer on it until
it's the right shape. Drum shortened from dryer length to
hood length. Flanged, strong edge of drum cut off and
pop-riveted back on to make hood stiff. One switch for
light, one for fan. All this lighting was to see the
workpiece before striking through the non-auto-darkening
helmet I used before reading Jody's site.

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