Funny Safety Videos - Pipefitter Craps his Pants

Can Funny Safety Videos really teach us anything?

Its not really funny, but definitely interesting to watch.

I got an email recently encouraging me to talk more about welding safety.

Can I make a confession?

It’s really not in my nature to camp out on safety stuff.

I should probably work on that because I know its important.

But here is the thing...If you live in the US like me, It’s very easy to become jaded about safety because there are so many safety rules.

Like way too many.

Grinders have guards that render them useless, some employers require you to wear goggles that fog up preventing you from seeing what you are doing, I even worked one government fab shop were rubber washers were required on every single vise handle because someone got pinched and got a blood blister….

I am not kidding.

So should we just ignore safety?

Do we just laugh at funny safety videos and go about our business?

Or should we stop every now and then, have a welding safety stand down, and really think about things we can do to be safe?

Whether you are an ironworker 300 feet up in the air welding on red iron, a boilermaker up to your ass in coal fly ash, a pipefitter working next to a paper mill digester tank with no handrails, or just a guy in a fab shop welding 10 hours a day sucking flux core smoke, there are hazards that come with the job that can kill your ass if you are not careful.

If you are reading this, please take this opportunity to have your own safety stand down.

What I mean by that is Stop what you are doing. Look around. Take a hard look at things….and ask yourself some questions.

questions like...

* Is there a fire extinguisher nearby?

* Do you ever weld in remote areas without a fire watch?

* Do you wear a respirator when required?

* Do you have confined areas sniffed out properly before working?

* Do you wear a safety harness and tie off when welding high off the floor?

Be safe …make it home to loved ones.

Whether you realize it or not, someone is counting on you making it home from work every day.

If you leave for work in the morning, and never come home, it will affect someone profoundly.

Your wife, your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, or maybe just a friend…wants you to be safe and come home from work today and every day .

So lets take a minute to think about welding safety and being safe.

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