Furick Ally 5 clear Cup for TIG Welding Aluminum

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TIG Welding an Aluminum Butt in Vertical 3G position using a Furick Ally 5 clear cup.

First attempt did not go very well.

I was rusty....and I didn't clean the edge properly.

I used a flap disc instead of a file and it made quite a difference.

(sometimes Its the little things that make all the difference)

So after my first attempt, I decided to do another butt joint but this time I thoroughly cleaned the edge with a file instead of a flap disc.

And I got some practice beads in by padding beads in the vertical position.

By the time I had padded 5 or 6 beads, i was feeling much more comfortable.

Padding Beads is an under rated practice. Even for Vertical welding

If you have watch my videos much at all, you probably already know that I am a big fan of padding beads as a way to get lots of practice with very little time spent in preparation.

This is especially true for tig welding aluminum because there is no time lost in grinding mill scale, or wire wheeling oxidation in between beads, as you need to do with carbon steel.

It helps if you have 2 pieces so that you can let one cool while you are welding the other.

If you are struggling with any particular welding position, I think padding beads is a great way to get a breakthrough.

this applies to every welding process and position. TIG, MIG, STICK, FLUX CORE, doesn't matter, padding beads is a great way to get better.

Why I used a Furick Ally 5 clear cup

Its called a furick ally 5 for a reason.

This cup is specifically designed by Michael Furick himself for TIG welding aluminum....especially 1/8" thick and under.

Many professional tig welders prefer a #5 cup for many aluminum tig jobs like inside and outside corners on 11 ga aluminum, .063" thick aluminum pie cuts, etc.

The small #5 cup size not only limits the etch zone but also helps with a smooth arc and penetration....and saves a bit of argon too because the #5 cup only requires 10-15 cfh.

The furick ally 5 is one of the favorite clear cups of many really good tig welders.

And one of the best TIG welders out there is Michael Furick himself

check out one of his instagram posts usiing his own Furick ally 5 cup on a 20 style water cooled torch.

( the ally 5 is available for both air cooled 17 style torches as well as 9/20 style torches)

I have added them to my store at weldmonger.com because I tried them, liked them, and can recommend them without hesitation.

I am in my 60's now and I wear glasses.

This clear cup really lights things up and helps me see better.

And at the same time, saves argon and limits the etch zone.

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