Fusion welding small stainless steel parts

by Renee
(Picayune, Ms)

Hi Jody....I just started my first job out of school "fusion welding" small stainless steel parts. What is advise on temp and gas for fusion welding.
I refer back to the cal. cart that comes with the welding machine to give me a startng point

Im having problem with alot dark heat marks...this is not good!

Ive had my brother (machinest and fabracator) visit and try to trouble shoot the problem but no luck.
Is it possible the welding machine is having issues...Ive had trouble shooted everything I know but no improvement,
do you have any videos or info on fusion welding stainless. I have searched yr website and I cant seem to find the info or videos Im a needing! Please HELP!!!!!lol



less heat is needed than when using filler but also its a matter of travel speed, arc length, and size of shielding gas envelope.

a gas lens helps a lot... a #7 with about 20 cfh
or even a bigger gas lens cup with more flowrate.
but that wont help if you have a leak or if your argon is bad.

if your tungsten stays silver, that usually means your argon is ok
email me directly thru the contact button on my home page if you still need help.

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