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gas blast on start up tig

Hi, why is it the cheaper tig welders blast gas out at a higher rate when starting up after idle time but when stop starting there normal. Regulator is fine set at 8Lpm when more expensive welders dont they maintain a even gas flow ?


I have seen that this happens often when the regulator pressure is set too high. most regulators are fixed at a certain pressure but if yours is adjustable, it only takes about 30 to 40 psi to keep up with the flowmeter volume.

I am talking about pressure here and not flow.

there is even a company that makes a flowmeter called a gas saver that stops the blast so it must be a fairly common problem.

some of my flowmeters actually state they are calibrated at 35 psi... thats pretty low compared to what some regulators are set at from the factory.

thanks for posting,


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