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Gas lens and large cup

by Jimmy
(Troy ,Ohio )

I weld food equipment for Hobart in Troy ,Ohio.I use a gas lens and large cup for clean and nice welds plus color.

I have been welding this way for years.
I was told it didn't matter if I use this set up .

I'm welding food equipment and my job is to keep it as clean as possible .what's your thought on this?

one last thing... shouldn't you use purging on this welding? .Thanks


Food service equipment should be welded using just what you mention....a gas lens and large cup.

If you talk to folks who maintain the welds they make for years and years, they have a lot to say.

I know a fella who welds stainless tubing for wash bays that steam clean milk container trucks.

he constructs, then he gets the mtc. contract .

He swears the welds he turns grey rust later on...even though he polishes them after welding, some rust and some dont. It takes a year or two and a lot of welders never get to hang around to see their welds 2 years later.

and yes the welds should be purge, but sometimes just using a copper chill backing is enough.

it depends.

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