Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Electrode holder

gas tungsten electrode holder

Jonathan from Sweden sent me these photos and instructions for making a gas tungsten arc welding holder out of copper pipe.

For a place to keep all your tig welding electrodes, its a down and dirty way to make a tungsten holder quick and cheap.


Hi Jody!

You mention soldering a cap to a copper tube and having a removable cap on the other end as a container for sharp electrodes.

Well when I was going to make one I came up with a kinda more down-and-dirty-way to do it, and thought it was so handy Ill pass it along:

Take a length of copper tubing as long as new tungstens plus an inch or so, crimp one end in a vise. Take another short length, about 1” or so, of a smaller diameter that fits inside the bigger one and crimp one end of that too.If needed, adjust the non-crimped end for roundness until it fits inside the bigger one. It tends to go a bit oval when it is pressed together. Done! I used 15mm o.d long piece and 12mm o.d. cap piece.

Really handy and fast to make! Just push the cap on while twisting it until it grabs to close, and then twist and pull to open.

I can mail you a step-by step series of images if you like.

Best regards and thanks for your good site,

Jonathan in Sweden

And so .........

Here are the pictures. I made a new holder in the process, and actually made a bad cap in the process as well. Good way to show what does not work heh heh.

Materials needed for your gas tungsten arc welding electrode holder:

“You need a main piece(larger pipe) a little longer than new electrodes and a cap piece something like 1 1/4” to 1 1/2”. They have to fit inside each other with just a little gap.”

gas tungsten electrode holder copper tube

Fit of pieces

This is what you want after deburring the cut ends – a sliding fit with a slight gap. To much gap and this wont work. In metric sizes 12mm and 10mm o.d. pipe works well, these pieces are just that.

tungsten holder

Flatten end

“Flatten the end of the main piece about 1/4” in a vise or something suitable. Squish it tight.”

diy tungsten holder plans

Flatten end of cap

“Flatten the cap too, make the tab about 1/3 of the cap length. The open end will go out of round in the process, so...”

copper tube tungsten holder

Adjust cap for roundness

“...adjust it back to round. Then bevel the outside of the open end a little with a file or grinder.”

gas tungsten arc electrode holder

Bad cap Good cap

“Don’t flatten too much of the cap, you need some amount left round(ish) to go inside the main piece. I had to make a new cap since I was a bit too enthusiastic...Can you see how the top cap has been flared too much?”

gas tungsten holder diy plans

“The finished piece along with the original (bottom). You may have to adjust the fit with a file, the cap should stay put when you push it in and twist a little. Just pull and twist to loosen it again.”

tungsten electrode holder copper

completed diy holder for gas tungsten arc welding electrodes

Thanks again for a great site!

Jonathan from Sweden

exit gas tungsten arc welding diy holder and see another way to hold electrodes

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