If you are serious about learning to GAS weld, Steve Bleile's Video on how to gas weld is the Best I have seen!

"gas welding is a good way to learn to TIG! "

gas welding video

Some the topics covered in Steves how to GAS weld video....


Gas pressures and tip sizes…tip chart

Setup and shutdown of oxyfuel equipment and how to bleed the system

How to light the torch

reducing, neutral, and oxidizing flames and how to get a neutral flame

Problems from a oxidizing flame, and from a reducing flame

How to tell if a flame is set right from the sound of the flame

Cleaning the tip


Puddle shots are awesome …even better than the arc welding shots

Torch manipulation

Why the torch pops

Filler rod types, distortion, welding positions and techniques

Lap joints, butt joints, corner joints and tee joints

Neat trick for a slick corner joint

You can order it from amazon and other online stores

This Instructional DVD introduces the fundamentals of oxy-acetylene welding, including close-up welding demonstrations as seen through the welders helmet. Covers equipment setup, weld beads and joints, torch adjustment and more. An excellent video for the beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals of welding. DVDs sold individually. Approx. 42 min. U.S.A.

Is Gas Welding Obsolete?

gas weldng kit

"oxy-fuel safety is important!.. "

Has Gas Welding run its course?

Arc welding processes have almost completely taken over in production welding. For most welding applications, there’s an arc welding process which will turn out good welds faster than oxyfuel welding. But here’s the question: If that is true, why bother with oxyfuel welding at all? Why are at least 50,000 oxy- acetylene welding and cutting outfits sold every year in the U.S.? Some would say that the answer is for cutting. While there’s some truth in that, its not the whole truth. A better answer is this one: That an oxy- acetylene welding kit is more versatile, more readily portable, and far less expensive than any comparable arc welding outfit. With a gas welding kit, and an assortment of welding rods and fluxes which can be purchased almost anywhere in the country, (even at auto parts stores and other stores like Home Depot) you can weld just about everything, and do it well. You can put the gas welding kit in the back of a truck, take it almost anywhere, and use it almost anywhere. You can weld, you can cut, you can do a variety of heating jobs. If you have such an outfit, you may use it more for cutting than for welding, but if you don’t use it at all for welding, you probably aren’t taking full advantage of its capabilities.

Most people think oxyfuel welding went out with high button shoes. Honestly, I am one of those people. But I try to keep an open mind. I realize there are certain applications where gas welding equipment can still perform well. There are still quite a few purists out there who swear by it for oxy fuel gas welding airframes. Oxyfuel welding equipment in the hands of an expert can actually do some things that TIG welding struggles with. One application is welding oil soaked castings like crankcases and transmission housings. By using flux coated rods gas welding equipment, welds can sometimes be made on aluminum castings (especially transmission housings) more easily with oxyfuel welding than with TIG welding because the heat is less intense and therefore draws less oil to the surface. There are a few semi-famous guys out there who build and restore Race car bodies, airplane cowlings, sports car bodies, street rod bodies, motorcycle tanks, and old aircraft who absolutely swear buy gas welding. I think they prefer gas welding mostly because things like car fenders or airplane cowlings have to be bent, rolled, hammered or shaped in some way. Oxyfuel welding basically anneals the whole weld area so that hammering or rolling it flat is easier and the welded area is less likely to crack. Of course the same guys who tout all the benefits of gas welding also pimp out the gas welding kits and supplies on their websites. So it’s kind of hard to know if they promote gas welding because it’s so great or because they make some pretty good coin pimping out all the gas welding equipment accessories.

In any event, the main thing you need to consider when using gas welding equipment is safety. Oxyfuel Safety to be specific. So if you decide to look into gas welding kits, whether it's for cutting, heating or oxy fuel gas welding airframes, do yourself a favor and learn all about oxyfuel safety.

The dangers of using gas welding equipment are often understated.

So let me just state plainly right here, right now: It can kill your ass!... Is that plain enough?

Oxyfuel safety is one of the most neglected training topics in the welding world. After training around 1000 workers in oxyfuel safety, I am truly amazed that gas welding fatalities aren’t in the news every single day. Proof that God watches over fools and babies, I think. If you want to read the TOP 10 welding mistakes that can Kill your ASS click here. Welding mistakes that could Kill your ASS To learn the top 10 welding mistakes that could kill your Ass, click here One of the best and cheapest ways to get started welding is to buy a oxyfuel welding kit. But if you go this route, please get some gas welding equipment safety training. If you already forgot why, let me repeat, It can kill your ass! For about 200 bones you can get a welding kit that includes tips, hoses, regulators…pretty much everything you need except the oxygen and acetylene welding cylinders.

The oxygen and acetylene cylinders will cost you around 300 bones also. That’s a total of about 500 dollars.

So what can you do with oxyfuel welding kits? You can weld, heat, braze and bend carbon steel and chromoly. You can weld aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. The point is this welding kit is extremely useful.

Have you ever noticed that the more dangerous a tool is the more useful it is? But most dangerous tools can be safe if used properly and gas welding kits are no exception. Oxyfuel welding kits are dangerous if not used properly, but when properly used can do all kinds of cool stuff.

gas welding oxyfuel welding

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