Getting a smaller tig torch for a Longevity 256pi weldall water cooled and quick gas connect.

by Gary
(Morris AL., USA)

I need some advice on Tig torch. My problem is I purchase a Longevity 256pi weldall 250amp 220v water cooled. But this machine is inported from China, The Plasma and Tig torch share the same body. You just change the guts in the torch head. So I wanted to keep the big body for the Plasma and replace the Tig torch with a smaller one. Looking at a Weldcraft WP20 but the connection are different, do they make a adapter for quick connect for the gas to this machine?Or do I have to replace the quick connect with a threaded one,this might be a problem for the plasma torch it too use's the quick connect for the Argon Gas. Please can you help. I don't want to wast money on some fitting that is suppose to work but don't!

PS: Love the welding TV and Welding tip and Tricks

Imports like longevity have some uncommon connectors but you can usually make something work.

maybe contact longevity about getting an extra quick connect fitting that you could swap onto a wp20 style torch.

you might have to use a small hose clamp or something to put the quick connect on the new smaller torch .

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