Globular Transfer? Short-Circuit Tranfer? What the @#$%

I have a 180 Power mig. Can I do both of the above?
Whats the difference?

Thank you for this site, Its a huge help.

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all you will ever need with that machine is short circuit transfer.

globular is so rarely used, i dont even know why all the books feel the need to mention it.

if you are using either c02, or 75/25 ar/co2, short circuit is what you need and what you will get.



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Mar 26, 2011
short circuit globular difference
by: Tim Drinkwater Eau Claire, MI

The above post is correct, globular is almost never used. The main difference is the rate at which molten drops of wire are transferred through the arc to the metal being welded and the amperages used to make them happen. Short circuit is the first and lowest transfer rate and amperages, best suited for thinner metals. Short circuit transfer produces a small, fast freezing puddle making it more suitable for all positions: flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead. Globular occurs at higher amps than short circuit. In globular transfer, molten filler metal forms a ball up to twice the diameter of the electrode wire. The force of gravity eventually forces the ball of molten metal to transfer to the weld puddle. Globular isn't used much at all because of high spatter and its dependency on gravity makes it unsuitable for out of position welding. Short circuit and spray would be the 2 methods of transfer to go with.

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