Good dual voltage, absolutely unbelievably awesome scratch tig/stick welder for the price,,,

by Lee Abel
(Loogootee, IN)

As for me I really was looking for a good TIG welder but came across dual use TIG/Stick units, several from Chinese companies with questionable reputations and of course some from the big names.
WELL, I picked up a Thermal Arc 95S Inverter TIG/Stick welder back when my taxes came back.
Well I did have an issue on the second time I fired it up to "play" the on/off switch wouldn't shut off.

Well crud, maybe what less than a month old and already issues, it welded great. So I called Thermal Arc, I offered to just take a switch figuring they would send it to me.
Well took it back to welding supply store, they called, Thermal Arc wanted this one back, then we proceed to get some info on the 95S, in the first 5000 (this is after getting serial number off mine), they had(till mine) only had 12 failures/defects/damage in first 5000 (sold) and over half were from shipping damage, this meant mine was like #13 with an issue. I gave it up on friday and had my new one by following Thursday!

And according to the fella from Thermal Arc they had sold many more than 5000(I heard somewhere over 20k).
I really believe this unit, if it had some AC and frequency controls would be a game changer.
I just finished welding up the 50+ yr old mover deck on my Snapper mower. Ground rust off the deck, ground rust off the patch material steel.
Well after its all done I had to clearance around the metal loop(like 1/2 rod) built on side of the deck
So there is a nickel size or bigger hole around this rod that still needs filled in.
Well I was going to try and build it up with the TIG, but it was getting too hot.
Well I really needed to get to mowing so I just decide to whip out one of the 4 6013 welding rods that came with it.
Now the available amps that could be dialed in on 110 is much less than on scratch TIG mode. Well I set it to the max and swap cables and fire up.
3 t o4 seconds later its all welded up! Done. ready to mow,well till other issues came up but that had nothing to do with welding.

If you guys want a ballsy kick butt TIG/Stick welder,,backed by probably one of the best companies out there, take a strong hard look at Thermal Arc 95S.

Even if you just buy it as a DC stick kit then buy the parts later to jump to TIG work and this unit will not bump a 20 amp breaker ON AN EXTENSION CORD.

My Astro Mig welder doesnt like extension cords and its 110 only.

Remember this Thermal Arc 95S. its a great unit!

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