Good welds if you are severely nearsighted (myopic)

by Cotter
(Corinth, MS)

If you are severely nearsighted, typically you have a few common choices in order to clearly see something that is further than a few inches away (such as the parts your trying to weld): One is using bifocal, trifocal, or progressive glasses; but these will all quickly give you (severe) neck strain. Or you can get up close and personal to the work area and NOT use any glasses at all. Me no like *that* option while arc welding!!

However, there are two far better choices. One is to wear your normal prescription glasses, and use a cheater lens on your helmet. This works really great. Or you can have prescription glasses made just for welding. Too expensive? Hardly. I got mine made at a place called for $21.90 (metal frames, single vision, scratch resistant coating, plastic lenses). There are other such low-cost eyeglass manufacturing companies out there too.

You just have to send them your prescription from your eye doctor for the distance you typically weld at. In my case, I already had a recent prescription for seeing things two feet away (for comfortable viewing of my computer monitor -- ideal!).

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