Green welder in need of job!


I am a student at a local vo-tech school in oklahoma city. I'm almost done with my first process of study MIG welding. I find that the jobs people call on for green welders is actually for experienced fabricators and welders.

Which leads to believe that maybe welding isnt the way to go, since school isnt building large projects or complex items. I was expecting to get a job knowing that im green and some on the job training will be needed. How am i supposed to be a better welder if school can only teach me so much and that real world experience is being turned away since im still in school working on tig and stick. Sorry if this a rant but a green welder needs a job willing to provide some "real" world experience.

thank you for your time.


Its the same old story... employers want experience. They are hurting for welders. But they dont want to take a chance on someone who can pass a welding test but has no experience to draw on to be an asset to the company.

What you need to do is get some experience. Any experience.

here are some ideas...

work as a helper for a local welding service.

find some volunteer welding work repairs of school desks for private or public schools.

check into apprenticeship programs for ironworkers, pipefitters, boilermakers, sheet metal workers, etc. some offer increased wages for those who can pass a welding test.

good luck,

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