Is a Harbor Freight Torch as good as a Victor Torch kit?

This guy really likes this Harbor Freight torch and a bunch of their other stuff.

He uses the torch making metal sculpture in his home shop and he is really pretty good at it.

In a recent newsletter, I used one of his previous YouTube videos that showed how he made a homemade anvil using an old forklift fork he got at a junkyard. If you missed that video, here is the link to the homemade anvil project. page

Anyway , in this video he talks about a Harbor Freight oxygen and acetylene welding accessory kit that he bought on sale at Harbor Freight for around 100 bucks.

This video is his review of the torch set. And he gives the harbor freight torch really high marks.

He also states that he likes the harbor freight torch just as much as his Victor torch kit and swears it is just as good as the Victor at a fraction of the price. ( Which is kind of odd because a lot of Victor stuff is made in China now too.)

Ok, let me state the obvious, Chinese workers making a buck a day can make stuff a lot cheaper than other countries where workers make a decent wage.

Sometimes they can even make the stuff just as good as anyone else can.

And that sucks because not that many people can work for a buck a day.

Is there any to get around it? I mean I use Miller welding machines and Smith Torches, all made in the USA but I am pretty sure all my tungsten electrodes come from China. It seems like every freaking thing is made in China.

Instead of going on a rant here, let me get back to Oxyfuel torch kits..,

I have used a couple different brands of Chinese knockoffs and honestly, I hate to say it but the torches I have used worked every bit as good as the Victor torches they copy. And they cut as good or better than any I have used.

Hell, they even make the Victor knockoffs to accept Victor tips. Pretty smart on their part, but it really sucks for Victor.

The last knockoff I used was a GenTec oxyfuel torch.

Honestly, it was pretty sweet.

Sorry Victor.

Think about this... How many people who are struggling to stay in business in today’s economy can afford to pay an extra hundred bucks for an supposedly American made Oxyfuel torch kit (that is actually made in malaysia) when the knockoff brand seems just as good? or what about the guy with the portable rig who keeps getting his expensive torch stolen?

Smith Torch Company offers excellent safety DVD's but they don't always come free with the torch.

I dont get that.

Smith makes a fine torch and I like the "in the head mix" concept but the flame still does not adjust as evenly as I would like.

I think both Smith and Victor are going to have to do something to add value to their products, like maybe a better training DVD that comes free with the torch.


Got any ideas for Victor and Smith for why we should buy the real deal?

Have you Ever used a Harbor Freight torch or a Victor Knockoff Torch? What did you think?

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