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Having trouble with postflow on my 250EX powertig

by Sam houston
(Victoria BC Canada)

Hey, i would first like to say that i love your site and that every time a new welding tips and tricks video pops up on you tube its like Christmas morning.

Anyways my 250EX is working fantastic and im really really happy with it, But every now and again the post flow will stay on and will continue to flow out argon until i either start a new weld (the argon doesnt shut off when i start a new weld,it just requires me to light up somewhere and stop, usually fixes it) or turn off the machine. Any advice on this? its chewing up my argon.


- Sam


thats a problem.
I would give them a call and see what can be done...or if there is a part you could replace that would fix it.

on old machines it involved a timer and solenoid.
the inverters might use a board or chip...not sure.

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