heat amp settings

by bill
(Sugarloaf pa.)

I'M a pipe welder but mostly 6010 and 70s2 i haven't had the opportunity to do much stainless pipe but i am going to soon it will be sch10 fusion and schedule 40 open but, 1/8 filler rod and I was wondering before i take my test, for a 6g pipe test, what is a good way to set my heat and what are the parameters for 1/8 open but and sch 10 fusion


first off, you will need to purge with argon.
that means taping the ends, and taping the gap except for where you are welding.

its a whole big process.

setting the amperage for a root pass is difficult to say without knowing more but generally, 60-75 amps for the root pass ...same for hot pass, and slightly hotter for subsequent passes.

for the schedule 10 fusion welds, I am guessing around 55-65 amps.

with purge on you can make test spots. light up for 3 seconds and stop and check penetration with a flashlight. if not penetrated, increase amps by 5 until it does...pay attention to changes in the puddle every time. you will probably notice something like a little dot swirling around differently when it penetrates.

this is what you will need to watch for on the test . the puddle will change as soon as it penetrates...so making adjustments to maintain that look goes a long way to ensure consistent penetration.

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