heat for open butt roots

by steve

My questions is setting the heat. Ii know for 1/8 tig rod on carbon it usually goes nice at 100the amps on my lincoln. My question is what do you yourself look for when checking the amps for a root. Melt into a hot puddle instantly, slowly fan out to a puddle? Machines weld differently im just wondering what's a good practice for the heat on a root pass considering the gap there. Its not a good idea to test heat on bevels so ........


one thing you can do is get a piece of 1/4" scrap..
with your lincoln machine set to 100 amps , light up and count to 3 seconds.

measure the spot.
thats your reference for other machines.

in gerneral, i also find that if i dont get the puddle i want at max pedal within 3 seconds, the amps are too low.

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