by John K. Dunn
(Fresno, Ca.)

Project number three. I'm on a friggin' roll! .......big-shot cattle rancher saw my dog cage on Craigslist, wanted me to make a headache rack for his 2011 Nissan truck. Never made a headache rack before. Here's what I came up with.
Front panel frame is .120 x 1 1/2' and .120 x 1' round tube. Vertical supports and inner surround are 1/8' x 3/4' angle. Verts are actualy two pieces welded back-to-back for strength and to accept(and hide the welds of) the flat expanded metal panels. Lumber stops on top with tie-down hooks half-way down, turned in at 45 degrees. Full- length bed rail caps are 3/16'x 2' angle and 1 1/2' tube with cast loops welded inside at four corners. Everything welded to be one piece with 3/16' flatbar gussets added from the front panel to the side rails. Turned out damned nice and perty stout. Gonna stop right here so I don't throw out my shoulder.
Watin' for this guy to come by and get paid; mamma's got some shoppin' she wants to do.

Thanks again Jody,

J. Dunn

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