Helium on MIG?

by Randy Wolf
(Birmingham, AL., U.S.A.)

Am I correct in the assumption that helium will yield the same benefit for a spool gun as it does for TIG?

In last weeks video you mentioned silicon bronze filler rod. Is there anymore information about silicon bronze on your site?

Been using your TIG Finger for a couple of weeks now. This thing paid for itself in savings of time and material for tungsten. I am running tighter arc and no dipping, and no more toasted yellow finger! You need to include a warning label in the package, "Requires Constant Supervision." I bought the 3/pack but two of them got up and walked over to a couple of my "buddy's" tables, so now I keep my last one in my pocket, when it's not on my finger.



thanks for your review on the Tig Finger.

yes helium will have much the same effect using mig for aluminum.

I dont have much information on using silicon bronze on the site. except for a tip for using it to build up worn areas on hydraulic tubing etc.

I use it sometimes to fix cast iron parts.
or to tack weld temporary fixture pieces.
or to weld sheet metal with minimal distortion.

thanks for posting,


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