Helium/argon ratio

by Chris Bounds
(South Ms)


You posted a video explaining the benefits of helium/argon mix on aluminum.

I?m 40 year old fabricator, machinist and welder.
I taught myself to weld when I was a teenager.

I have an 83 model ideal arc 300 that I tig with.
I can lay down a killer looking weld on aluminum
but the beads are a little wider that some that I see
race car parts that I buy and I?ve always wondered
why there welds didn?t have that satin look on either side of the bead for the cleaning action.

After your video I can see how there doing it.

They must be using a Dynasty and helium mix
to get the tite beads and almost no evidence on the cleaning on there welds.

I seen you mixing your own helium/argon.
I would like to do this to, could tell me what to set the flow meter to on the helium and the argon to get a good
good ratio?

Oh by the way my little sister has been taking welding
classes a the local votech for about 9 mouths.

She has pass here flux core and stick with fling colors!!

She is now on tig and she loves it!!

She has pasted here stainless and carbon and is now
on aluminum.

I went to watch her weld the other day and the instructor
let me weld aluminum with there Dynasty 350, that is one bad mother.

I turned her on to your site and she loves it.

You are a making difference, keep it up man!!

Chris Bounds



thanks for taking time to post here...

if you use a Y and 2 flowmeters to mix your own gases, starting out with each on about 10-12cfh with a #7 cup is a good start. Its not an exact science so you can play around with it from there to get the results you are looking for.

80% helium seems to be the max before you start losing arc stability.

I agree the dynasty 350 is a Cadillac. It has tons of hidden features too....like not only can you adjust the DCEN ratio when welding on AC, but you can also adjust the amperage used on the EN half vs the EP half of the AC cycle...crazy.

Good luck to you and yours,


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Jan 13, 2011
satin coat
by: ian

Hey jody just wanted to say keep up the good work love the site just had a question about welding satin coat material i work at a sheet metal shop and we do some satin jobs (very few) as its horrible to weld. The parts only require a couple corner welds which turn out fine and a couple plug welds. The plug welds are the problem all the welds are always ground flat then buffed to make finish product. The plug welds always have hidden pin holes I have tried mig and tig welding them and removing the coat of satin areound the are to be welded if you have any suggestions please help thanks!!!

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