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Helmet not working under 20 amps

by Wojtech
(Far North QLD Aus)

Having problems with my helmet (a decent WIA unit which states its TIG ready). When the arc downslopes the last 1 second or so the helmet turns off and I get flashed but it must only be 10amps or less. I have sensitivity right up, delay right up but shade right down, otherwise its too dark.
Is this unusual?? Will it kill my eyes at low amps like this??I paid $AU200 for my hat is it faulty or do i need to invest even more $$ ???


I have had the same problem but usually only on a tig inverter power seems the arc is too smooth for some helmet sensors to pick up.

i am not sure if it will hurt your eyes but it wont help them.
its annoying as hell anyway.

i would check into a refund or exchange for a helmet that has better sensors or emf function like the miller digital elite.

emf senses the electro magnetic signal and darkens

good luck

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