help?! 6G ALUM PIPE

Hello! Great site! I have a cert test at work coming up on thursday for TIG 6G Aluminum pipe, I believe its schedule 40, with a backing ring.It will be X-ray tested, the whole shebang. I was hoping you could Give me lots of tips and pointers to help me pass! Ive never welded Tig pipe,let alone 6g, and although I am pretty skilled at TIG welding aluminum plate in all positions, I am a bit nervous for the pipe test. My main concerns are controlling starts and stops, and good torch position/technique. Also, Inclusions, and hydrogen cracking, porosity, ect because of the xray aspect of it. I would be so grateful If anyone could off some expert advice! hard to find much useful info on the web about this! Thanks !- TS.


wtt replies ...late.

taper the stops and add a drop or two of rod to prevent crater cracks.

a preheat will help if allowed.

wait on the puddle to flow before adding filler

use enough torch gas flow but no more than enough.

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