Help with 1/8 open root 2g single v bend test mig

Cant seem to figure out what to run the machine at.. fine on test plates and fill and cap but on my root wire hesitates and globs up. Also wondering about what size of land i should have just wondering if you got any tips probably my tenth try here.


some tips for you.

1/16" land

3/32" to 1/8" gap

19 volts if using 75/25 argon/co2

set wire on scrap to high enough to get good bacon fry sound, then back it off a bit for the root.

use a drag angle...pull the puddle

keep the wire far enough in the leading edge of the puddle but not too far in front or you will shoot whiskers thru.

make sure the contact tip is flush with the nozzle.

point the gun upward about 5 or 10 degrees.

use a very slight up and down weave motion to tie top and bottom edges in and flatten the root pass a bit.

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