help with 1g test,mig weld and metal core wire size- 1/16

by Rich
(hurst,texas united states)

I'm taking a 1g test on half inch plate with circles and curves. it's mig with metal core and spray arc and wire thicker than 060 What steps do I take to make a good weld? I can use all the information possible. Thanks---


The first thing I would do is find out the spec and brand of the wire.

then go to the manufacturers website and search for a data sheet.

lincoln has some really good data sheets on their welding wires with tips for stickout, wire speed, votage, gun angle etc.

if the manufacturer does not have a good sheet , just get the aws spec off the spool and cross reference it to a lincoln wire.

here is a sample data sheet for metal core

you really have to drill down deep on the lincoln site to find these but the information can be very helpful in getting a good starting point.


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