help with fluxcore welding problem

I have purchased a new fluxcore mig welder and am
getting really bad welding results. The welds are very
crusty and lot's of weld splatter sticking to everything
metal. I have welded with a gas mig welder for years with none of these problems. I don't understand, is it a heat to wire speed issue or does fluxcore just not weld
very good?

make sure you are using the right polarity for the flux core wire you are using
almost all the flux core wires for small mig machines are designed to be used with dcen electrode negative..thats opposite from what bare wire needs...and so many times thats the problem

it will never run quite as smooth as bare wire with gas but it should do ok if things are set right.

thanks for posting,


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Feb 20, 2011
fluxcore 1/16 and 5/64 wire
by: Anonymous

co workers say pushing is better then pulling in root pass . would like to know your feedback ..

Feb 15, 2011
fluxcore issue
by: steve from nj

I dont see my last comment posted , however most of these fluxcore machines out of the box come with a generic elcheapo no name fluxcore which is probably causing excessive spatter and crappy results ...try some quality fluxcore to cure this Hope this helps !! Steve and mohhamad obviously didnt read your post correctly...

Feb 15, 2011
by: steve from jersey

sometimes cheap fluxcore wire will give shoddy results at best...Have you tried a diffrent or quality fluxcore? Steve from Jersey

Oct 21, 2010
Change the welders
by: Mohamed

I think you used unskill welder for this job. you can know the manufacture Instruction for use on spool wire box .
type of elect, polarity type of gas position
E70T-1 DCEP under shield flat, fillet
E71T-1 DCEP under shield all position
Return to AWS ( calssification & specification )
E : Electrode
7 : 70000 PSI ( Tensile strength)
1 : all positions 0 flat & Fillet
T : tube
1 : type of Gas, polarity

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