Help with mig 75/25 mix settings

by Nick W
(Vernon, NJ)

Im pretty new to welding, only been doing it for 8 months or so. Ive been using my friend's lincoln HD package mig welder for some time, but his regulator for the shielding gas was broken, so i never knew what cfm/psi i was using. I just picked up a new Miller 211 auto set MVP, and i am curious as to what PSI/CFM to use with 75/25 mix. I know its dependent on the wind and other factors, but a generalized setting/help would be greatly appreciated.



A lot depends on the size of the mig nozzle.

mostly, I have found more most nozzles , about 20 cfh works for most everything.

a little bit less if you can get away with it and want to save gas.

a little bit more if there is wind or if you are getting porosity.

Pressure usually needs to be around 35 or 40 psi depending on what the flowmeter was calibrated to.



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