Help with Tigging SS

by Chris B
(South MS)

stainless steel exhaust welds

stainless steel exhaust welds

Hi Jody

Take a look at the welds on this SS header.
They are amazing!

The flanges are about 3/8 thick and the tubing is
more than likely 16ga.

It’s all more than likely 304, it may be 321 but I drought it.

How is this guy getting a nice bead that wide?

I have tiged SS from time to time using a sharp
tungsten 2% thorade use 304L filler 1/6 and 3/32
on 16ga SS tubing with pure argon.

How is this guy getting his bead to flow and not burn up
his work?

There is a filler rod called 304LSI that according to the filler rod company flows better that the 304L.

Never try it.

If I put enough heat in my work to get a bead like this I would need a cup the size of a coke can to keep it
for turning my work black.

Is he using a sharp tungsten?

Thanks C



Reply from jody,

Chris, I deal with the same thing all the time. If I can , I put chill blocks near the weld to draw the heat out and make the weld have some color.

I have an idea on how to do it using aluminum foil and I think I will make a quick video on it if it works.

What I am thinking about is to fold heavy duty aluminum foil into narrow strips about 1/2 inch wide and then tightly wrap several layers about 3/8 inch on each side of the weld and then use some high temp tape to hold it on.

I think it will work..and if it does, I will do a video showing how.

thanks, and sorry this took me so long to answer,


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