help with welding uphill with flux core on the outside corner of a box

When I run uphill on the outside corner on the box its like im too hot and i gouges out the metal it under cuts it real bad I've always welded stick and im having trouble figuring flux core out.any help would be appreciated.


Just like with stick welding, you have to set the machine to the right settings for the application.

Whatever amperage worked on the stick, would be pretty close for flux core welding.

trouble is, most mig and flux core machines dont have amperage settings...only voltage and wire speed.

one suggestion is to get the spec of the wire, like E71-t1 and go to the manufacturers web site and pull up the spec sheet with recommended settings.

here is a link to lincoln electric flux core wire spec sheet where you can get some really good settings for flux core wire.

click here for the settings

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