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Hi-Frequency Generator info

by Ken Scott
(Grass Lk Mi)

I have an opportunity to trade for a Lincoln HFG 250 I believe.

I have dowmloaded the IM for it... it appears to be a "250" which means nothing to me. I thought I could use my buzzbox for a power source and I bought an aircooled 17VH torch. Am I on the right track? I haven't tig'd since the 70's in the Navy...we of course had the best equip $$$ could buy and I had little trouble fusing foil by the time I transfered.

I'm sure the HFG will be a disappointment but I need to be able to deal with small alum/SS projects but mostly D.O.M. for offroad cages.

I know I can MIG em but I'd be nicer in some cases to give a guy "prettier" welds. Please help....I don't want to keep the seller waiting but don't want to get involved if this unit won't get me there.

Thanks! This is a GREAT sight.


I had a buzz box with a hf generator once.

i also had a home made rectifier attached making me DC current. ( you didnt say if your buzz box is ac or ac/dc)

even then, the end result left me wanting more so

I bought a Miller syncrowave 250 new for about 1700 bucks...(that was around 1994)

I too, had welded for many years so my skill with the air cooled torch using the buzz box and rectifier for the power source was better than most....but i still didnt like it and it was very limiting.

If you have the skill, its a shame to be held back by your machine.

thanks for the post.


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