High Frequency Generator

by Robin Dicken
(Springfield, Illinois, USA)

Fantastic site. I am TIG welding with a Miller Trailblazer 302 and use a Miller 251D High Frequency Generator to start the arc in steel and 'continuous' frequency for aluminum. The scale reads 0-100 percent and was wondering what you normally would set this on? I'm on about 50% for starting carbon or SS and about 70% for aluminum. Is this a set frequency (just more intense the more you turn the knob) or variable frequency? I move fast and weave to weld aluminum, but I've tried 'pumping the pedal' to pulse it and get that stacked dime look. Is pedal pumping ok? Thanks and have a great day. (love that strong arm table, btw).


wtt replies,

on the machines i have used, the high frequency is the intensity and should be set to just enought to either start the arc or start it and keep in going while on ac.

setting it higher than needed just lets the high frequency try to shock you.

i think the pedal pumping is ok, but mostly unecessary. i have tried it without a lot of success, but i have seen others do it and make it look great...but i have also seen welds that look awesome with no pedal pumping...whatever works for you...

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