This Hobart Welder works with Either 115 volt or 230 volt plugs

Thinking about adding a 115 volt mig welder to your shop?

After you watch this Video, you may want to consider a Hobart Welder?

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP. ( MVP = multi voltage plug)


Because it works on either 115volt or 230, it is spool gun ready, its portable, can use flux core or bare wire in many sizes, works with a portable co2 bottle,

I get emails all the time asking me to recommend an affordable mig welder. In fact I recently got an email from a guy who wanted a 115 volt mig because his current shop was not wired for 230 volt power...not yet anyway.

He was planning on rewiring his shop in a year or so he really wanted a welder that could run off of 115 volt power or 230 volt so he wouldn't have to upgrade to a 230 volt mig later.

It just so happened that I was trying out this little Hobart Welder - The 210mvp at the time he asked...but I had not yet welded with it using the 115 volt adapter plug.

So in order to be able to give him some honest feedback on how the 210mvp runs on 115 volt power, I hooked up the co2 gas cylinder, plugged into a 20 amp 115 volt circuit and welded a few passes on some scrap.

and...Wow! The Hobart handler 210 mvp is not your average mig welder. Have you ever read in textbooks that using co2 gas for mig welding would produce lots of spatter? or that the arc is not as smooth as with 75/25 argon/co2 mix?

Well not so with this cool little hobart welder.

Newer technology makes for a really smooth arc whether you use a 75/25 argon/co2 mix, or straight co2 shielding gas....

Hobart also offers a small Co2 paintball style cylinder kit that fits on right on the back of the machine and allows for gas shielded welding on the go using 115 volt or generator power...making it even more useful.and believe me, when its Sunday afternoon, and you run out of gas, you will play hell getting your 75/25 tank swapped or filled at a local welding supply.

But no matter if its Saturday, Sunday, or 8pm on a Monday, you can get the small co2 bottle filled at many sporting goods stores or any paintball store. Thank you paintball fans!!

I took mine to Dicks sporting goods store on a Sunday and got it filled for $3.99.

Using the Co2 gas and 115 volt power, this little machine is plenty capable.

And on 230 volt, It has almost as much punch as a full size mig welder.

If you have ever used a 115 volt mig welder, you might already know that some of them are kind of underpowered.

I remember several years ago, doing a welding job on a sand rail buggy.

I got called to this guys house to make a weld and all he had was a Campbell Hausfeld 115 volt mig welder. It was kind of weak so I had to preheat with a propane torch, and weld everything vertical uphill and on max power just to get decent penetration.

The Hobart 210 mvp is not like that at all. It has some serious muscle....even on 115volt with the small co2 bottle.

So the first project I tackled using the 201 mvp was a Jeep Wrangler bumper kit from

I had already done a Video of assembling and welding a diy press brake kit from, and was very impressed with the engineering that went into the press brake to make it easy to fit up and weld.

So later I was skulking around at SwagOffRoad's facebook page and saw that SWAG sold an unwelded version of the Bumper and that it required enough welding to make a good video.

Then It occurred to me...

SWAG off road is known for its unique and innovative off-road products...and fabrication tools and...

Hobart is becoming more and more involved in the off-road community.

Why not make a video using the Hobart 210 MVP to weld up the SWAG bumper?

A mig welding machine that is perfect for off-roaders, used to weld up an off-road bumper kit.

Perfect Storm. right?

Well, I dont know about that, but I thought it would make a much more interesting video than just welding on some random scrap metal.

About the SWAG bumper...

A lot of thinking went into this bumper.

It is designed so that the formed 11 ga shroud aligns everything all by itself using nothing but some spring clamps.

I have all kinds of tooling and a fancy precision welding table, but today, I didnt need any of it.

The SWAG "Big Hit" Bumper kit is designed to fit together like a puzzle....just add welding.

It was actually really fun to put together and weld....and it didn't take very long either.

But now what? I have this Sweet bumper for a Jeep Wrangler...but all I have is a Grand Cherokee.

I think Troy from might use it for a contest on his facebook page.

Whew! I thought I was going to have to buy a Wrangler for a minute there.

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