Houston has welding jobs

Ok I live in houston and have recently been looking for another job. I have found many I am qualified for and even more that I'm not but maybe some of you are.
I've found factory jobs for baker hughes, stewart and stevenson, Koch heat exchange, subsea system, exterran, and GE Oil & Gas, but you have to be a decent welder capable of at least a 3g on 3/8 plate to some 6g inconel or hastaloy pipe. I'm not that good of a welder and can do niether but i do know these companies are good companies. good health ins. i can speak for Koch as they pay for the majority of mine and my families. 401k matching all that stuff. this is just the stuff i saw last night. you can check out oilcareers.com and indeed.com and search welding houston tx. just thought i might throw it out there

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