How about some imfo on DCDP on Aluminum

by John ODonnell
(Alvin tx)

Going to set procedure Monday and I,m not to happy with it. I'm using orange tung. and helium as a gas. I know it's going to look dirty , but the weld material flow doesn't look clean, help ?


wtt reply.....

if you are using DCEN for welding aluminum, you will need to increase the flow rate on the flowmeter to about 2 times what it would take with pure argon.

a bigger cup works better too. like about 15/16" sells a big cup but it will need re working with different difusser screens. the ones i bought would not work out of the box and i had to remove them, stamp my own ss screens and i snipped off part of the retainer ring because it screwed up the gas flow

a tight arc

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