How many passes?

A little while back I asked you a question about trouble I was having butt-welding 1/8" steel with tig.
I couldnt get penetration without the weld being concave and you told me that 1/8" was about the upper limit for single pass welds and to just knock a bevel in it.Well of course your advice was spot on but it then got me thinking,how do you determine how many passes to make? How do you decide how many passes and what filler size to use for a given thickness and joint type?Thanks Jody,I'm new to tig and was having alot of trouble with it but your advice had me seeing zeros and ones within hours!

Thanks again,

PS:hope you got the cheesy MATRIX reference!



when it comes to deciding how many passes, it takes what it takes.

one rules of thumb though...

for sheet metal, dont use a rod thicker than the metal
for thicker metals, use a rod that lets you easily keep up with feeding it.


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