How thick of material can you weld with a Tig?

My question is how thick of metal can you weld with a Tig weld? I have a guy telling me that he can weld pipe from 2-5" thick with a tig. Why would somebody do this? He says it is for high pressure oil and it must be tigged because it is the best application. I dont understand why most pipeline guys use ARC but he says they use TIG.


It is possible to weld very thick metal with tig using multiple passes.

It is not necessarily better. Certainly is slow....and can be detrimental with large grain size.

I can understand the root and first couple of passes using tig for higher quality root.

After that, more productive processes take over.

on the other hand, for something like 6 inch schedule 80, sometimes its faster and better to just tig all the way because it only takes a few more passes and you avoid all the chipping and brushing for final inspection.



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