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How to comfortably use the stinger

by George Wood

One of the biggest problems with stick welding is making a one handed weld and keeping that long electrode steady while welding and not have the tip flapping around giving you an uncontrollable arc. You would most likely be using the other hand to hold you in position or to hold your work.

Most welders just grab the stinger with one hand and start welding away. When they get to the end of their rod their arm might start shaking due to both manipulating the rod and holding the stinger and welding lead. In other words, your arm is getting tired. This is one of the major causes of accidental arc strikes.

Solution. Instead of grabbing the stinger and just letting the lead hang, give the welding lead one wrap around your forearm then grab the stinger. This way your shoulder is carrying all the load instead of your arm. This allows you to carry the weight easier and also allows your arm and hand to easly manipulate the rod. Try it!!

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