How to stop the arc?

by Yves Tessier

I know this is maybe a foolish question, but I haven't been able to find an answer. I was trying TIG for the first time,
I was able to strike the arc using lift-arc and HF start (this one using the little thumb wheel- but this is very difficult to do while keeping the tungsten close to the metal).
How do you turn off the arc when using lift-arc, I just pulled away but this doesn't seem to be good as I read you're supposed to keep the argon flow over the weld as it cools.

Should I just get a foot pedal instead and it will solve all issues?

Also, what is the best way to stop it in HF mode and if (when) I get the foot pedal?


for quitting the arc with lift arc, speed up a bit and snap the will leave a grey oxidized area, but that is to be expected...a file and wire brush take care of it.

A foot pedal is better but for a lot of construction and pipe jobs is not used very often.

with a foot pedal, you just gradually let off the amperage and you keep moving and it leaves kind of a comet trail ..teardrop look.

then you hold the torch still to let the argon shield the weld.



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