Is your Filler Wire Hand Holding you back on learning how to tig weld? Listen up Noob! Here are 2 tips that work!!

Watch this How to Tig weld - "feed the rod "video and practice while you watch TV

When you are first learning how to tig weld the thing that holds you back is your filler wire hand.

We have all been using our torch hand since way before kindergarten by holding a huge crayon or a paintbrush.

But the filler wire hand is just plain uncoordinated.

To make matters worse, when you are learning how to tig, you need to think about arc length, torch angle, filler rod angle, foot pedal amperage control, and travel speed all the while feeding the tig rod.

No wonder feeding the rod is a problem for everyone learning how to tig.

So how do we fix it?

One way is to use every possible opportunity to train the wire feeding hand to feed tig rod without even thinking.

I am talking about feeding the tig rod while you are watching TV at home.

I know your girlfriend or wife is going to think your nuts but who gives a rats ass? I mean really... whats more important? A few minutes of hand holding, or being able to feed that tig rod like a mother effer?

Besides, it only takes one hand. The other hand can by used for hand holding or for drinking a pale ale. Sometimes the hand holding is great.

Other times I prefer the beer.

OK, back on track....

The torch hand already knows what to do. When you are learning how to tig weld, the first thing you do is to run beads without filler rod.

Most people I train have this down pat in a few hours.

Then when its time to feed the rod, things come unraveled. I start hearing the grinders kick on for sharpening tungsten. and I hear cussing.

Its because the filler rod hand is like a socially retarded football lineman. He is strong and part of your team, but you have to train him how to act in public or he will embarrass your ass.

Its not his fault, he just needs some time to develop some basic skills

I am going to be posting videos like this one regularly. If you dont want to miss them, just sign up right now.

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