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How to weld thin Aluminum

5 Key factors for how to weld thin aluminum:

  1. Use a #5 tig cup with 15-20 cfh argon
  2. use either .040" or 1/16" layzr tungsten for crisp arc starts
  3. use as small a diameter filler metal as possible like either 1/16" or .040"
  4. Set AC frequency to 250hz
  5. Set ac balance to around 70% en

this page is about how to weld thin aluminum.

The best way to weld thin aluminum is with a tig welding machine that has a low start amperage as well as AC frequency settings and AC balance.

Newer inverter tig welders usually have these features.

Using a AC frequency setting of 250hz focusses the arc and helps pinpoint the heat so that a small puddle can be achieved with lower heat than with a conventional transformer tig welder.

What is a good choice for a tig welding machine for tig welding thin aluminum?

The CK mt200 is an affordable tig welder with a low amperage start and AC frequency setting that really helps for tig welding thin aluminum.

I have used this tig welder in over 20 videos and it still performs like a champ on thin aluminum.

Why use a small diameter tungsten for TIG welding Thin aluminum

Using a small diameter tungsten for TIG welding thin aluminum is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Precision: When welding thin aluminum, it's hepful to have precise control. A small diameter tungsten allows you to concentrate the heat in a smaller area, which helps prevent burning through the metal.
  2. Better Arc Stability: A small diameter tungsten starts better at a lower amperage and produces a more focused arc, which means it's less likely to wander or sputter during low amperage welding. This improves arc stability, making it easier to maintain a consistent weld bead.
  3. Improved Arc Starting: A smaller diameter tungsten requires less current to start an arc, making it easier to initiate a weld. This is particularly important when welding thin aluminum, which can be more difficult to start an arc on.

Overall, using a small diameter tungsten for TIG welding thin aluminum can help produce high-quality welds with improved precision and reduced defects.

Watch the experts teach you how to weld thin aluminum at

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